Inspiration Behind Our Success

Meet the Founder

Shawnickque T. Kent

I was inspired to launch this most important societal work as a result of taking a step back from a successful corporate career to reset my priority and align my career goals around the needs of my family as well as my community – all while using my talents to make this world a better place.

Personal Life

I am privileged to be married to my life partner, Leland Sr, for 26 years and mother to 5 wonderful talented sons (Leland Jr, Rubyn, Qaraun, James and Bryce). Our eldest son, Leland Jr is married to his wife Naomi and they have graced us with two beautiful grandchildren (Leland III and Eden).

Corporate Career

I’ve enjoyed two successful careers, more recently a progressive 16 year career in corporate finance. Prior to that, I was blessed to experience a 10 year career in financial aid administration – serving thousands of students and families. Life has been an interesting ride - full of critical learnings along the way.

Reset & Introspection

My hard reset and reflection period started on December 27, 2019. The catalyst for drastic change was brought about by my need to make a choice between rising to the challenge of a family crises or pursuing career growth.

Transition Phase

My last career assignment before my reset was a corporate controller role managing a $250M operating expense budget. It was a rewarding role that demanded my best energies and at a time when our youngest son began to struggle with severe teenaged depression. When crises hit our family, I was forced to make a difficult and agonizing decision – to leave a profession and employer I had intended to see through to retirement.

Influence of The Village

Well, as I embraced my reset, focused inward on family and what matters most to me, the universe would unveil a new calling. My reflections on my life, career journey, successes and learnings the road travel was marked by the influences of my village. As a result, I developed service offerings to support family systems while meeting the critical education and mental health needs of our community’s youth.

We cannot afford to fail to address the undiagnosed pandemic we are experiencing in America around the underinvestment in our youth – as they are the future. This is an exciting time to embark upon this journey and to be part of solutioning for meeting the needs of generation NEXT.

Village Education Tutors Foundation supports under-served students.