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About Our Education Program

We Offer One to One & Group Live Instruction For Youth

We will partner with you to expand your child's capacity in being a life-long learner. Sometimes the best place to learn is where you are.

Our online education services allow for virtual one to one and group instruction as well as connection between students and our Village Education Teacher Coaches.


Skills Assessment, Building and Strengthening

  • We designed live online sessions that focus on enhancing your child’s academic skills. Our Village Education Teacher Coaches work closely with families to identify and close student learning gaps through regular assessments and close partnership with your child’s primary school teacher.
  • Small group boot camps are designed using an online curriculum. Through 18 instructional sessions for six consecutive week period, our Village Education Teacher Coaches ensure focused learning.

How We Partner with Our Students

  • We partner with our students through regularly scheduled online learning sessions as well as through our complimentary group live virtual Saturday weekly office hours session. Village Education Teacher Coaches will be available at that time to answer any questions that may occur in between one to one tutoring sessions.
  • Our Village Education teachers provide your child with a quality one on one learning experience via live virtual sessions - without the requirement of a physical classroom. Get started today!
Valley Education Tutors

Serving Your Family is Our Priority

Our guiding vision birthed out of personal reflections, learning, and observations made over the years. We understand the dilemma that many professionals face while attempting to balance career and family.

Personalized for Your Child

Our goal is to assist and provide tailored services to manage your child’s academic progress. We are committed to supporting math and English Language Arts (ELA)-specific development needs and proactively monitor areas of opportunity for holistic skill enhancements along the way.

Academic Support

All of our objectives are centered to partner with you, your child's local education team and our Village Education Teacher Coaches. Our priority is to provide you with needed high quality academic support to bridge the gap between you and life through academic excellence. 

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